Essex Based Bagpiper – Sacha Small




Full No.1 Regimental Dress and No.2 Formal Dress


Sacha started playing the bagpipes with a youth group in East London at the age of ten. His love for the pipes started two years before that when he saw the youth group play at the Tower of London, however at eight years old he was too young to join as the minimum age was ten.

At the Age of fourteen Sacha joined the Highland Gatherine pipe band as well as the piping society of London, he also started playing in solo contests. At the age of sixteen Sacha joined the British Airways Pipe band and for the next twenty years he played all over the world, including  Malawi, Armina just to mention a few. Most recently Sacha played for British Airways in Barcey Paris where he played the solo of Highland Cathedral in front of 25,000 people. He has also played for the Queen on a couple of occasions as well as Prince Charles.

Sasha currently plays for the University of Bedfordshire Pipe Band (UOBPB) where at the last Contest season they were unbeaten in all the English contests, and fourth at the British.

When Sacha is not playing with the UOBPB he plays with the 79th Cameron Highlanders Napolionic Reenacatment Group.


Carol A Walker - 04/09/09

"A big thank you to Sacha Small for piping at my Father in Laws funeral today, the piping was a fitting send off to him and all the family appreciated you coming. Thanks again. xx" 


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