Conal Kelly – East Midlands Bagpiper For Hire





Conal has been playing the bagpipes for over sixteen years. He started when he was seven years old by learning the basics from his father and after a couple of years playing the "goose"(which is a small step up to pipes) , eventually he moved to his first full set of pipes at around 11 years old and has been playing ever since.  Conal currently plays with The Seaforth Highlanders Leicester branch. He has played with them since he got his first set of pipes! Conal also plays with the new city of London Pipe Band. He has played with a few other bands in the past such as Nottinghamshire Police Pipe Band  and most recently RAF Waddington/Halton who he won the grade three British championships with and continued to play with them in Grade 2.

Conal is avaiable for any event including weddings, parties, funerals, Burns Suppers and New Years Eve, etc.