Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties

Why not surprise a loved one with a Scottish bagpiper for their birthday?

When people book pipers to play at birthday parties it is often as a surprise for a loved one who may be Scottish, or just somebody special that has a great fondness for Scotland and the sound of the bagpipes. It is always effective and makes a person’s birthday very emotional and memorable.

The usual routine for a piper at a birthday party involves:

  • Piping into the party from the street
  • Wishing the birthday boy / girl Happy Birthday
  • Asking for requests and playing them (if possible)
  • Playing Happy Birthday / piping in the birthday cake
  • Playing a number of traditional tunes and jigs and reels to get feet tapping
  • Ending with Auld Lang Syne

Other Parties

Pipers can also be hired to play at many types of party including retirement parties, engagement parties, anniversaries, baptisms, and christenings.

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