How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Bagpiper?

Pipers base their fees on travel time and costs, the specifics of the event, and how long they are required for. Fees tend to  be as follows:

Weddings: £150 – £250

Funerals: £150 – £200

Parties: £100 – £200

Burns Nights: £180 – £300

New Years Eve: £200 – £500

Is There A Deposit  To Pay?

Once a booking is confirmed we charge a small deposit to secure the booking.

Will The Bagpiper Perform In Scottish attire?

All of our bagpipers either perform in either traditional Scottish day dress or full No.1 Regimental dress (if the piper offers that option).

Will I Be Able To Discuss My Event With The Bagpiper?

Once a booking is confirmed we encourage our pipers to make contact within 7 days to introduce themselves and discuss your requirements.

What If The Bagpiper Is Ill, Or Cancels For Any Reason?

In the rare event a bagpiper is unable to attend any event we have supplied him or her for, we assure you we will go above and beyond to find a suitable replacement.

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