The bagpipes can add a special touch to any funeral with their unique and individual sound.

Church / Chapel Service

  • Pipe as the hearse arrives at the church and lead the coffin into the service
  • Pipe during the service
  • Pipe the coffin out of the service and to the hearse / or cemetery.
Liverpool Bagpiper Bob Walters

Pipe Major Bob Walters


  • Pipe the coffin from the hearse to the graveside
  • Pipe afterwards as loved ones gather (at this point it can be very effective if the piper walks into the distance with the sound of the pipes fading away).


  • Pipe the coffin from the hearse and into the crematorium
  • Pipe whilst the wreath is laid and guests take their seats
  • Pipe during the Committal
  • Pipe guests out of the service
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